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Our pricing is simple and flexible. It can be customized to suit whatever requirement you might have. It could be a one-time cost and you own the software, or you can rent or lease it. Please request a quote for more details on our flexible intranet pricing.
Cloud-based or On-premise
We can deploy and host your intranet on the cloud via an affordable monthly subscription plan, or you can deploy your intranet in-house with a perpetual software license. Can’t decide? No problem, we can send you quotes for both options.
Additional Modules and Custom Development
We can also custom develop modules for you, which enterprises often deploy as part of a comprehensive intranet rollout. Typical examples are a Learning Management application, a Business Process Management application, a Sales Management application etc.
Flexible Pricing
Our pricing can be customized to suit whatever requirement you might have. It depends on the location of deployment and the number of users using the intranet.
Hosting Partner
We have hosting partners for all countries which give the best possible price depending on your usage (bandwidth and storage).
Annual Support and Upgrade Maintenance
  • Flat fee of 20% of current retail price
  • Premier support available by email and telephone
  • Exclusive new product enhancements and upgrades
  • 24/7 access to customers’ knowledge base and portal
  • Product upgrades, testing and deployment assistance

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