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Axcom intranet has been developed by Axionet, a 200-member team of developers, consultants and business experts, working closely together to deliver the best IT solutions for your business.

We’re Swiss: This means we were born with a full skill set dedicated to precision and efficient execution.

The Axcom intranet is an information system with the same flexibility and power as the Internet – but dedicated to your internal users, employees or customers.

The Axcom intranet contributes to employee productivity and therefore to the growth and success of your company. It is an internal database that every employee can access with individually defined rights. The Axcom intranet is much more than just an information management system. It is a web platform that can change the way your organization does business. It is based on Microsoft SharePoint 2013, which enables unlimited numbers of users collaborate on a day-to-day basis.

The Axcom intranet offers a flexible way to license, deploy and customize, which ensures that your intranet is up and running instantly, and can adapt quickly to changing needs.

Would you like to know more about our intranet? Please click on the ‘Request for a Demo’ link to explore how the Axcom intranet can help you reduce costs and improve productivity.