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Security of Access
Axcom Intranet Security gives you permission to decide who can view, add, edit and delete content on your corporate intranet. Delegating elevated rights at the site level, choosing your super admins, admins, site designers, profile managers, etc., is possible.
Extranet allows users who are not members of your organization to gain access to your corporate intranet site, or portions of your intranet.
The Axcom intranet enables organizations to create, manage and share information thereby improving productivity and collaboration.
Full-Text Document Indexing
Full-text searching enhances user experience of intranet by giving your employees the ability to search not just within site content but also within uploaded documents. If you choose to maintain full-text searching, it will automatically be searchable for your users.
Check in and Check out facilities
Team room enables the check in and check out functionalities allowing secure access to updates and automatic backup of different versions of documents.
Team Room and Version Control
The documents can be shared with the employees of the organization using ‘Team Room’ option. The version control feature enables the user to maintain documents at different stages of use.
The documents regarding the information on various categories are displayed to the user upon clicking the ‘Information’ sub menu. The documents related to different organization entities, are displayed to the user.
The documents on policies within and across borders that come under various departments are available upon clicking on the sub menu ‘Policies’.
Advanced Search
Advanced search is intuitive and easy to use. It enables you to use filters to see specific type of search results such as: Documents, Forums, Blogs, Posts, Status Updates, People, Sections, Forms, Calendars, Content Areas, etc.
Menu Builder
You can make modifications to the current menu layout by adding or removing items, relocating sections or altering and uploading icons.
Interfaces with ERP and other enterprise systems
The Axcom intranet can interface with any ERP and existing enterprise system with a few simple configuration steps.
The user is authorized to create/view/comment based on the user rights provided. For example, the ‘Management Board’ option is available only for the authorized people to document and update different Workflows.
Allows the configuration of the solution after installation and when changes relating to the organization and structure are carried out.
Usage and Audit Reports
A draft report prepared that identifies areas of concern with clear linkages between observations, cause and effect and recommendations. Audit interviews performed and documented.
Arborescence of sites and Community sites
The tree structure of intranet site is the founding document in building your future website before going to the next steps of zoning or design. It helps you build the perfect tree intranet and guides you in setting it up.
Organizational Structure
Provides the tree hierarchy level structure of the organization.
Advanced Customization
Our advanced customization features help you customize the intranet just the way you like it.
Tasks and Activities Management
This feature makes it easy to quickly add, assign and prioritise tasks for simple projects, events or day-to-day management. Create tasks instantly or set tasks within Team or Content Areas, offering maximum flexibility in supporting the way one works.
Polls and Surveys
Get instant employee feedback with polls. Quickly create online surveys to collect data, measure employee satisfaction, gauge interest levels and much more on your Intranet.
Social Networking
Social Networking feature enables intranet users to post comments and actively engage with their colleagues. This feature is essentially a collaborative platform allowing multiple users to share information within their intranet.
Workflow and Forms streamline processes by making paper based forms electronic and accessible to everyone throughout the intranet. It offers a single entry point to manage employees and resources, effectively streamlining and automating operations, communication, processes and access to corporate information. It helps employees to save time and focus on more profitable areas of a business.
All the events of the Past & Future are displayed on the ‘Events’ screen on Home page.
The announcements and news posted by the HR/Management is displayed and can be accessed by the user with the help of the links provided.
All types of articles written by the employees are displayed in the ‘Newsletters’ screen for maximum visibility of the company and its employees.
Open Positions
The detailed description about the current openings in the organization is displayed to the user upon clicking the ‘Current Openings’ sub menu.

The ‘Refer’ button allows the generation of an email that will allow the user to send human resources department information about a candidate he is acquainted with.

Blogging and Forums
The module ‘Blog’ manages all the blogs written by the employees of the organization. The user is authorized (based on the user rights) to create/view/comment a blog using this module.
Multi Language
One of the most distinguishing features of Axcom is the ability to support any language. Axionet believes this to be an essential feature where Multilingual communication is often a necessity for international organizations.
Organization Details
This section of the Intranet contains the details of the organization. The ‘Company’ section consists of various information such as: Board Of Directors, Manager’s Profile, Our Services, Current Partners, Current Customers, Company Entities
Intranet notifications keep employees up-to-date and engaged. For example, desktop notifications, real-time notifications, etc.
Holiday Planning
The list of holidays specific for different countries of the organization is displayed under the submenu ‘Holiday List’.